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Consulting Components

Initial Consultation
When we accept an assignment, the country and/or industry specialist will review the clients objectives and discusses requirements with short and long-range expectations.

Development of Specifications
The industry specialist will work closely with the client in developing the business objectives, identifying challenges and opportunities, and establishing qualifications and characteristics. When planning a merger or acquisition, we assist our clients understanding of the cultural similarities and differences and may provide management assistance during the transition.

Identification and Screening
Our country or technology specialist will create and lead the identification and screening process, utilizing through research, industry knowledge and long-standing country relationships. Potential partners or opportunities will be reviewed during the due diligence process.

Due Diligence
The due diligence process entails verification, references, and conformity to client objectives, including direct contact with appropriate entities.

Client Introductions
Rardin & Associates will assist with visits to potential partners or companies. We will assist our clients with proposal preparation, interpretation, negotiations, and other services as required.

Contract Negotiations
Rardin & Associates will assist in contract negotiations to the extent desired. We work with our client to understand, as far in advance as possible, the critical issues or requirements to be considered during contract negotiations.

Post Contract Assistance
"The deal is won or lost after it's done." Rardin & Associates acts as the liaison, providing critical communications during the post contract period to assure the business agreement meets our clients expectations.

Has a lack of product localization, non-trade barrier issues, or conformity with regulations caught your company unprepared for that critical meeting?

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